Nam-Khar CD & Digital album released

Nam-Khar CD & Digital album released

Monday, May 14, 2018 0 comment(s)

The new Nam-Khar album 'Secret Essence/Sangwa Dupa' is now available.

Following successful collaborative releases with both 'Sielwolf' and 'Alone In The Hollow Garden', Nam-Khar release their brand new full length album on our Winter-LIght label.

Nam-Khar is a Ritual/Drone collective that utilises various ethnic instruments and synthesised material within its works. What Nam-Khar offers up here are nine very different pieces of ritualistic music, each with the common thread of bringing you to a place of both focus and isolation. The subtle use of traditional instrumentation creates small vacuous pockets for the listener to move into, which are then juxta-positioned with slightly harsher, more industrial sounds. These are then all neatly sewn together with ice cold drones, warm bass sounds and synth sweeps.

The album is both available as a glass mastered CD through our webstore, or as a digital download via our Bandcamp page here
The CD comes wih an additional bonus track 'Theurang'.

All music by Nam-Khar.
Mastered by Martijn Comes.
Cover artwork and design by Midnight Sun Studio.

© Nam-Khar 2018
© Winter-Light 2018

The glass mastered CD comes in a 4-panel full colour digipak with bonus track Theurang. The edition is limited to 300 copies.

1. Dri Za
2. Sab Dak (05:40)
3. Srinmo   (05:45)
4. Bdud      (06:54)
5. Shidak    (re-shaped) (07:41)
6. Nyan      (10:44)
7. Gyalpo    (04:52)
8. Klu         (05:42)
9. Theurang (CD bonus track) (06:38)