Gerstein - Kiawaltz

“Kiawaltz" is commissioned and compiled by Old Captain to commemorate the early musical rituals comp..

In Tenebris Scriptus - An Eighth Tower Records Compilation

Eighth Tower Records presents a dark aural tribute to H.P.Lovecraft, the XXth century master of supe..

Inabile Caos - 1.0

Inabile Caos the brainchild of Davide Donvito comes with a fantastic debut of drone metal album elem..

Inade – The Nine Colours Of The Threshold

With the all new album after 9 years, Inade return with another work that indicates a codify..

Inner Vision Laboratory - Relics

'Inner Vision Laboratory' releases his new studio album 'Relics' on our Winter-Light label. The i..

Rapoon - Offworld OP1 Equs

Rapoon returns to Winter-Light for this, his third release on our label.In celebration of this, his ..

Reutoff ft Deutsch Nepal - Eating The Dust

The Bubblegum Industrial Revolution continues at Entartete Musikk with a co-operational album featur..

She Spread Sorrow - Midori

Midori is the third album by Italian artist She Spread Sorrow (Alice Kudalini). Midori tells a story..

Shinkiro - Archive: Volumes I - III

Shinkiro is a dark ambient project from Japan, formed in 2003 by Manabu Hiramoto who dwells in organ..

Taphephobia - Ghostwood

New deeply introspective album by Norway’s Taphephobia. Opting for a slightly cleaner sonic palette ..

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