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C.fieldechoes & ABBILDUNG - Live in Brussels (5.1)

This CDr contains the DTS 5.1 surround of the "Transental City" live event in Brussels plus a stereo..

Carl Michael Van Hausswolf - Squared

On “Squared”: Squared consists of two longer pieces. a) is a recording of a live performance exe..

CD Bundle:  Aurora Borealis

Aurora Borealis. A truly spectacular display and and that is what we are offering here with a CD Bun..

CD Bundle: Dark Matter

Put a little Dark-Jazz in to your life with this Denovali CD Bundle. Choose any 3 titles from the li..

CD Bundle: Drone Zone

If you are partial to a slow drifter then the Drone Zone CD Bundle should fit the bill nicely. Choos..

CD Bundle: Ice Pack

If you like your ambient cold then the Ice Pack is probably for you. Choose any 3 titles from the li..

CD Bundle: Rapoon

We have a fine back catalogue of Rapoon releases in store including two from our own Winter-Label!Ch..

CD Bundle: Sonic Foundry

If you are looking for something a little heavier, then maybe the Sonic Foundry CD Bundle is for you..

CD Bundle: Space Is The Place

Space is indeed the place. If space ambient drifts and drones are for you then you need to look no f..

Chihei Hatakeyama & Dirk Serries - Storm Of Silence

The Belgian-based artist Dirk Serries has experimented with ambient music for 30 years. He released ..

Chod - Bardo Thodol

The Tibetan word "Chöd" means "to cut off' or "to slay", represented in icons by the victory banner ..

Circular - Cycles Of Remembrance

The second album from Circular from 2010 and follows on from the debut CD from 2006 and a split rele..

Circular - Radiating Perpetual Light

The evolving, dense nature of Circular's sound world is unfolding again with this work. Pulsating an..

Cisfinitum - Coniunctio

One of the better known artists on the Russian industrial scene is Cisfinitum. This DCD contains mat..

Cisfinitum - The Bog

One of the more well-known Russian bands on the scene 'Cisfinitum' with another great release on the..

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