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Hadewych - Welving

Though the project of Dutchman Peter Johan Nÿland, contributions from members of Trepaneringsrituale..

Hakobune - All My Regret For Nothing Remembered

Experimental drone ambient from Japan's Hakobune, released on the Dutch label Warm Drone. Cassett..

Hakobune - If It Were To Fade

The output of Japanese drone mainstay Hakobune could best be described as heartwarming and sombre at..

Hall Of Mirrors - Altered Nights

3rd CD from the acclaimed dark ambient collaboration between Andrea Marutti ( Amon, Never Known, amo..

HATI - zero coma zero recycled magick emissions

This album was originally released on Nefryt on a CDR limited to 250 copies. Now it sees the light o..

Havan - Yajna

New project from Frederic Arbour (Visions, Cyclic Law). Havan (Fire Sacrifice) aims to explore spont..

Havdis - Nightbreeze

Havdis and gterma would once again like to welcome all listeners back to the northern hinterlands, t..

Havdis - Novemberlys

When the darkness of the wilting season seems the most compact, when the abyss is staring back at us..

Havdis - The Hidden Islands

Norwegian Havdis creates achingly beautiful aural paintings of a coastal world, melancholic, cold an..

Havenaire - Rabot

Havenaire is John Roger Olsson, a composer, musician and producer based in Stockholm. After many yea..

Henrik Nordvargr Björkk - Anime Nostra

Henrik Nordvargr Björkk is the colossus behind the world renowned acts Pouppée Fabrikk and MZ. 412. ..

Herbst9 - Buried Under Time And Sand

Originally released in 2005 this album marked the beginning of Herbst 9´s Babylonian cycle which was..

Herbst9 - Eta Curinae

Eta Carinae was the second album released in 2001. With this soundtrack Herbst9 continued the explor..

Herbst9 - Fragmentary

Four years since the epic ´Usumgal Kalamma´ 2xCD release in 2011 and after numerous live concerts th..

Herbst9 - The Gods Are Small Birds, But I Am The Falcon

'The Gods Are Small Birds, But I Am The Falcon' from Herbst9 is a step further into the depths of th..

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