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Inner Vision Laboratory - Austeros

On the new album 'Austeros' the artist unites sounds from the surrounding reality. The meanings and ..

Inner Vision Laboratory - Perpetua

The focal point of the album is the condition of mankind entangled in the cycle of creation, stagnat..

Inner Vision Laboratory - Relics

'Inner Vision Laboratory' releases his new studio album 'Relics' on our Winter-Light label. The i..

Ionosphere - Angular Momentum

The first album from this German project. Finest space ambient. A giant sphere full of thick and bro..

Ionosphere - Nightscape

Eight years since the last release in 2007, Ionosphere has now returned with its third full length a..

Ionosphere - The Stellar Winds

After the highly acclaimed album ´Nightscape´ in 2015, we can announce the re-release of ´The Stella..

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