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Phantom Ship - Infinite Horizon

The fourth full length release from Italy's Phantom Ship. Self released by the artist.Travel Diary o..

Phantom Ship - Spheres

Here at Winter-Light, we have been a follower of Phantom Ship for quite some time now. So we are ext..

Phantom Ship – Phantom Ship

Re-issue oif the first Phantom Ship release in clear tray jewel case with additional artwork and a ..

Phelios - Human Stasis Habitat

After two outstanding CDs on Malignant Records, Martin Stürtzer returns with his new PHELIOS album ´..

Phillipe Petit - You Only Live Ice

Philippe Petit is interested in soundtracks; even if he creates original music he'd rather be introd..

Phonotek - Lost In Fog

This Dark Ambient album from Female/Male duo Phonothek serves us a deep and complex journey with smo..

Phonotek - Red Moon

Red Moon is Phonotheks second album on Cryo Chamber, continuing the theme of the inevitable death of..

Phragments - All Towers Must Fall

The all new, fifth full-length album of Phragments is unmistakably dark ambient in nature, yet the o..

Phurpa - Chod

Tibetan “chöd” roughly means “being cut off”. That is also the title of the new piece of work of sha..

Phurpa - Gyer Ro

New offering from Russia’s shamanic ritualists PHURPA. Channeling the void with their eerie and engu..

Phurpa - The Magic Rituals Of The BON Tradition

It is with great honour that Cyclic Law presents new material from one of Russia's most enigmatic ac..

Phurpa - ya tog rid pa'i gyer

This double album is the successor to the previous release entitled “Chöd” from nearly a year ago. T..

Povarovo - Tchernovik

about charms with it's deformity enslaves with it's weakness being witnesses of it's birth by a c..

Predominance – Dark Stars Unfolding

The unique sound of Predominance combines dense and atmospherical soundscultures with symphonic stru..

Predominance – Nocturnal Gates Of Incidence

Originally released in 2000 the second album of Predominance marked another step further into new di..

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