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Rapoon - The Kirghiz Light

The next one in the series of classic Rapoon albums reissues is ‘The Kirghiz Light’, which was origi..

Rapoon - Time Loop Anomalies

Another classic Rapoon release!  01.sputnik remix 02.earthbound and emotional (from carmen... e..

Rapoon - Tin Of Drum

"Whilst travelling through the USA and Canada on a tour in 1996 I found a tin of rolling tobacco in ..

Rapoon - To West And Blue

'To West And Blue' is the 50th Rapoon album and the 5th release on the Zohrum label. According to th..

Rapoon - Vernal Crossing Revisited

This is the 4th Rapoon release on the Zoharum label and something of a special one also. This double..

Rapoon - Wanderlust

Winter Light is proud to announce the release of Rapoon ‘Wanderlust' CD, a brand new studio album co..

Rapoon - What Do You Suppose - Project Blue Book

Robin Storey aka Rapoon that is, returns with the next release of archival recordings. In this case,..

Rapoon and Promute - Machine River

Not only is Robin Storey aka Rapoon a prolific solo artist, he also collaborates with many musicians..

Rasalhague - Rage Inside The Window

Following the self released 3inch CDr from a few years back, Rage Inside the Window is the astoundin..

Re-DrUm BoTong - Hush-Ascending The Light Of An Alien Sun

This Zoharum offering is the split CD between Re-Drum and BoTong with each project preparing a 30-mi..

Red Fog - Buried on Vanth

Since it's first release Milk of Amnesia in 2010, canadian Red Fog has entered the stage as a high q..

Reutoff and Sal Solaris - Eigengrau

Joint release by Russian post-industrial projects Reutoff and Sal Solaris. The Working title of the ..

Reutoff ft Deutsch Nepal - Eating The Dust

The Bubblegum Industrial Revolution continues at Entartete Musikk with a co-operational album featur..

Revenge Yes! Nordic Audio Modern 2012

There is nothing much to say about this record. Only that it was created by dedicating new and previ..

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