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S.E.T.I. – Baikal

The aural world of BAIKAL evokes a crystalline landscape full of huge and breathtaking images, guidi..

S.E.T.I. – Final Trajectory

The new album of Andrew Lagowski's S.E.T.I. begins as a colossal sound wall, like a massive electric..

S.E.T.I. – The Geometry Of Night

First released in 1996, `The Geometry of Night´ is the second album of Andrew Lagowski´s deep space ..

Sabled Sun - 2146

The follow up to the album 2145 takes us to the second year after our protagonist awakens from deep..

Sabled Sun - 2147

The third album from the Sabled Suns 21xx series about a man awoken from hibernation to a world in r..

Sabled Sun - 2148

The fourth album from the Sabled Suns 21xx series, about a man in Hibernation waking up to a world i..

Saffronkeira - Synecdoche

In the beginning the universe was full of light. Shining bright and incredibly energetic no solid ma..

Saffronkeira - Tourette

SaffronKeira is a project established in 2008 by Eugenio Caria from the island of Sardinia, Italy. W..

Sal Solaris - Die Scherben 2004 - 2010

This release is a collection of tracks recorded during different occasions and time periods of the a..

Sal Solaris - Thresholds

"Thresholds" is the first Sal Solaris solo album in 15 years marked by a variety of collaborations, ..

Scanner - The Great Crater

Over the last twenty give years Robin Rimbaud – Scanner has traversed the experimental terrain betwe..

Sean Washburn - Wave Mantra

We step into the year of 2015 with a retrospective look on an album that has since become quite scar..

Seetyca - Bleakscapes

Everyone in to dark ambient should already be familiar with the Seetyca project from Germany. If not..

Seetyca - Demiourgos

Yet another classic slice of seetyca ambient music.1. Demiourgos 2. Aporrhoia 3. Nous Running tim..

Seetyca - Deus Ex Machina

After the excellent 'Bleakscapes' full-length, the next chapter of Seetyca at Essentia Mundi is name..

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