AB Intra - Henosis I-V

A bit more than two years after the two-disc split with 1000Schoen (ZOHAR 070-2), Ab Intra is back w..

Ajna and Dronny Darko - Black Monolith

Despite the continental drift and the apparent distance between USA and Ukraine, Chris F and Oleg Pu..

Aware - The Book Of Wind

Aware is the alias of Alexander Glück, born 1983, who studied philosophy and physics in Vienna, wher..

Desiderii Marginis – Songs Over Ruins

DESIDERII MARGINIS long out of print debut album from 1997 “Songs Over Ruins” is given a proper re-i..

Dronny Darko - Abduction

This album merges the lowercase and minimal genre with a strong science fiction element. Throbbing b..

Grey Frequency - Exhibition

Exhibition is a compilation of Grey Frequency recordings covering the years 2012 to 2016. The album ..

Gunter Schlienz - Autumn

Günter Schlienz is a musician deriving from the German experimental underground. He has been an acti..

Keosz - Ava

Ava is the second album from Slovakian artist Keosz on Cryo Chamber.Massive sweeps of sub bass under..

Khost (Deconstructed and Reconstructed By) Godflesh - Needles Into The Ground

Needles Into the Ground contains material by Khost which has been elementally transformed by Justin ..

Maeror Tri - Myein

"This is probably Maeror Tri finest moment, and one of the best ambient albums ever recorded. It's l..

Moljebka Pvlse - Discourse On Lightness

After 2015's "A Transformation" Moljebka Pvlse is back with a new work on Reverse Alignment. As the..

Multicast Dynamics - Continental Ruins

Finland-based Samuel van Dijk is an electronic music producer, sound designer and media artist, havi..

Northumbria - Markland

Markland is the second album in Northumbria’s trilogy inspired by the Norse discovery of Canada.As y..

Peter Bjärgö – Animus Retinentia

3rd full length album by ARCANA / SOPHIA mastermind Peter Bjärgö. On his solo works we hear the perf..

Phantom Ship - Infinite Horizon

The fourth full length release from Italy's Phantom Ship. Self released by the artist.Travel Diary o..

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